Lebron James Net Worth

Currently, Popular Basketball Los Angeles Lakers player LeBron James Net Worth is estimated to be $480 Million including all his assets.

Lebron James Age

Currently, the accurate age of popular Lebron James as of 2020 is 35 Years.


Lebron James is a Male.

Lebron James Date of Birth

Popular professional NBA player Lebron James was born on the 30th of December 1984.

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Lebron James Place of birth

Lebron James was born at Akron, Ohio United States of America.


Lebron James is from the United States of America.

Lebron James Profession

Star Lebron James is a professional NBA Player.

Lebron James Early Life

LeBron James Net Worth

Star LeBron James was born in Akron, Ohio on the 30th December 1984. His mother was only 16 when she gave birth to LeBron, and she raised him as a single mother. Their life was very unstable, and Gloria was often out of work.

Eventually, Gloria the mother of Lebron James decided to let LeBron live with a local youth football coach, Frank Walker. This allowed LeBron to live a much more stable life, and Frank was the individual who introduced him to basketball.

Lebron James Career

Around 2003, James was chosen as the overall pick of the NBA Draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers. His first season was incredible, setting a new NBA record for the most points scored by the prep-to-pro player in his first game!

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Within the next few seasons, LeBron rose to stardom, being featured in his first All-Star Game, and winning multiple Most Valuable Player awards.

In 2010, LeBron became a free agent and was contacted by multiple teams interested in signing him. In the end, he signed for the Miami Heat, which became a big controversy covered by media as ‘The Decision’.

He played at Miami for four seasons, and finally decided to move back to the Cleveland Cavaliers where he started.